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Game Sunday - NOON @ Cutting
by posted 04/09/2021

Hi Red Teamers ... Great practice yesterday! 


Our game is at NOON on Sunday (note the time change) at Cutting Field.   

Please arrive at 11:30 to gear up warm up and listen up. 


Don't forget ... 

  • Uniform
  • Stick 
  • Goggles
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats/turf shoes 
  • Water bottle 
  • MASK


Lets GO! 

Coach Mossi



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by posted 04/08/2021

Hi there ...  PRACTICE TONIGHT @ 6:30

Just a reminder to bring a reversable! 

I found some but they are all xs/s ... no guarantees on fitting everyone! I'll bring them tonight!


Woo Hoo! 

Coach Mossi

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Reminder! Practice Tues / Thurs 6:30-7:30
by posted 04/05/2021

Hi there ... 

Just a reminder that we start things up tomorrow, Tuesday 4/6 at 6:30, Cutting Field. 

  • stick
  • goggles
  • mouthguard
  • cleats/turfs
  • reversable practice jersey (again, I might have extras)
  • water bottle
  • MASK

Practice is officially from 6:30 - 7:30 but if we are in the middle of a drill, we will take the extra time to finish the drill and then release your players. Also as we get more light, we do plan to extend practice.


For COVID reasons, we need to keep track of attendance at both practices and games.  Please let me know if you cannot make either.  




Coach Mossi

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Preseason Wall Ball Challenge
by posted 03/30/2021

Hi there … Here is the LS Wall Ball Challenge that Coach KB uses for her LS players.  You can do it!  Send me a short video and we’ll have KB post them to the @LSGLax Instagram. 


Day 1- BASELINE TEST. Time yourself


Complete the following progression as fast as you can

Catches do not have to be consecutive, but the clock never stops

Each throw should be hard and flat!

You should be a comfortable distance from the wall (6ft to 15ft roughly)

If you are not sure how to do the drill there are a ton of wall ball drills on youtube to refer to.  


Start the clock! 

  • 20 Righty Quicksticks
  • 20 Lefty Quicksticks
  • 10 Catch Right, Throw Left
  • 10 Catch Left, Throw Right
  • 20 Righty Cross Body Catches
  • 20 Lefty Cross Body Catches
  • 20 Right Cross Body Throws
  • 20 Lefty Cross Body Throws
  • 10 Righty Sidearms
  • 10 Lefty Sidearms
  • 10 Righty Underhands
  • 10 Lefty Underhands
  • 50 Switch hand Quicksticks 


Day 2 

  • 25 Lefty Quicksticks
  • 25 Righty Quicksticks
  • 25 Lefty One Cradle (IN TRIPLE THREAT)
  • 25 Righty One Cradle (IN TRIPLE THREAT)
  • 25 Catch Left Throw Right
  • 25 Catch Right Throw Left
  • 50 Switch hand quick sticks (switch while the ball is in the air)


Don’t get frustrated! If you are a beginner or haven’t played in over a year… focus on Day 1 and 2


Day 3

  • 20 Lefty Quicksticks
  • 20 Righty Quicksticks
  • 20 Left Fake Lateral (opposite side of body), Throw Overhand
  • 20 Right Fake Lateral, Throw Overhand
  • 20 Catch Left, Throw Right
  • 20 Catch Right, Throw Left
  • 20 Lefty Cross Body Quicksticks
  • 20 Righty Cross Body Quicksticks 


Day 4

  • 50 Lefty Quicksticks
  • 50 Righty Quicksticks
  • 100 Switching Quicksticks 
  • 20 Strong Hand BTBs 



Spend 15 minutes working on any stick tricks you like!

Try to put a routine together of 3 or more different tricks


Day 5

  • 25 Lefty Double Switches (throw left, catch left, switch right, switch back to left; repeat)
  • 25 Righty Double Switches - use your body to PROTECT your stick
  • 25 Lefty Sidearm Quicksticks
  • 25 Righty Sidearm Quicksticks
  • 25 Lefty Fake Low, Pass Overhand
  • 25 Righty Fake Low, Pass Overhand 


Day 6

Do the DAY 1 test again … Time yourself… How’d ya do? 


Day 7 Its time for practice! How ya feel’n? 

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Welcome to the 2021 Lax Season!
by posted 03/30/2021

Welcome 2021 Red Players and Families!

This is our 4th season coaching and Coach Graff and I can't wait to get the season started.  


Some of you have been playing over the extra LONG break... and some of you haven't. Over next week it will be important for ALL of you to hit the wall, play some catch, do some ground balls and go for a run or 2 (or 3 or 4) --> Yes ...  all 4 of those. 

I will send out and post a LS Wall Ball Challenge in a separate note. 



1.     Please arrive on time - I know there are some conflicts. We'll work around them, but we only have a solid hour for warmups, skills/drills and situational coaching 

2.     WEAR A REVERSABLE pinny to ALL practices. Due to COVID, we will NOT have colored pinnies. This will save a lot of time as we split into drills (I might have a few leftover practice pinnies and I will bring them if you do not have one).  Your game jersey will work, too (once they are handed out)

3.    Masks - We'll be wearing them.  As mentioned in the earlier email - Founders League COVID protocols will be emailed separately

4. Buy two mouthguards. Just cuz ya gotta mask on doesn’t mean you get to skip the mouthguards. The extra is because I have coached a lot of you before (cough cough Maddie, Kenzie, LYDIA!!!)



1.     For ALL GAMES --> arrive at the field 30 minutes prior to each scheduled game - to gear up warmup and listen up

2.     90% of our games will be at the same location as the 7/8 Blue team which could translate into additional playing time if the opportunity presents itself 

3.     I will try to find out what the field surface is prior to each game (for those with turf shoes).  


I will email AND post all emails to our team pageTEAMS >> CHOOSE A TEAM >> SUDBURY 7/8 RED. You’ll be asked to log-in using the credentials used to register.  If you can't find an email, check the team page.  


One final note … I really want this to be fun.  We are going to work hard, but we’ll have some fun along the way.  I’ve been involved in the sport as a player, coach and parent for a LONG time …the fun factor is important!


I think that covers most everything that was not covered in the original email.  Looking forward to a great season!  Feel free to email me with any questions ( )


Now Hit The wall!

Coach Mossi

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Rob Mossi 
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